Low-Cost Clip Art and Images

Digital clip art collections provide a great source for designers to obtain inexpensive (sometimes even royalty-free) images. If you're considering purchasing a digital clip art collection, here are some questions to ask:

  • Are the images in this collection compatible with my operating system and the software I use?
  • Is the file format (EPS, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc.) versatile enough for my needs?
  • Are the images of a high-enough resolution and quality?
  • Are the images bitmapped or vector-based? (Vector-based images are better if you'll need to enlarge them.)
Other Sources to Check
As you search for images, don't forget to check the Library of Congress web site. In addition to copyrighted images, their online catalog of prints and photographs even includes a number of quality images in the public domain, as well.

Old magazines and books are another potential source for images. Any that were published before 1923 are in the public domain. Those published between 1923 and 1963 might be in the public domain, unless the copyright holder renewed their claim. Anything published after 1963 is still under copyright, so you'll need to obtain permission before using it.

And finally, our print shop has a number of print-quality clip art collections on file, too, which you are free to browse.

Graphic Designer's Ultimate Resource Directory

by Poppy Evans

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find graphic arts-related products and services to complement your designs, only to reach a dead end? Relax. Help has arrived. Poppy Evans has put together the Graphic Designer's Ultimate Resource Directory, and this large, 192-page volume lives up to its name.

From clip art books and services to royalty-free photography, specialty papers to free computer fonts, imaging software and plug-ins to graphic arts supplies, the Graphic Designer's Ultimate Resource Directory contains complete contact information for more than 1,000 businesses, along with brief descriptions of each, and dozens of tips to help designers do their jobs faster, cheaper, and more effectively.

A quick glance through the directory reveals hundreds of sources for illustrations (including royalty-free and stock illustration), photography (including copyright-free photos), typography (including free fonts), software, utilities, and more.

This truly is the "ultimate" design resource and well worth the price.